Patient Care to help with PR

Yesterday, my brother-in-law, to be, was rushed, (by my boyfriend and I), to the hospital for abdominal pain. We took him to Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury. We brought him in and he was taken back to register right away. He then was admitted to the ER promptly after that. We had a few nurses come in to check his symptoms. They then quickly ordered blood work to be done, and decided he needed a CAT SCAN because his white blood count was higher. After the CAT SCAN, they saw his appendix was inflamed and decided he needed surgery. Every person in the hospital was so nice to us. Service was prompt and they really took into consideration how the family (myself, Jesse, and his mother) were feeling. His surgery went well, and his nurses to very good care of him over night. I think this is a perfect opportunity for the PR practitioner, to take advantage of. By asking the patients AND family to do a quick 5 question survey on the service, the practitioner will be able to gauge how effective the staff is and use those stats to their advantage. You are able to use these questionnaires to showcase the positive, and hopefully persuade prospective patients to choose their hospital over competitors. I know if they had implemented that policy, myself, Jesse, his Mom, and Ethan(the patient) would have scored them very high. I think using patient experiences as a tool to help better the business, and to advertise for it, would be a great option for any hospital.


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